A Customer Service Surprise

One would thing shopping the day after Christmas would be a nightmare, but Best Buy really surprised me. I was ready for a long and painful afternoon. Instead it took less than an hour, and quite pleasant.

My mother bought me a camera I already own for Christmas. I wanted to return it and put that money towards a new laptop. The mother board on my old laptop had dies, and I was making due with my netbook. I was very happy to have something to fall back on, but I needed a regular laptop pretty soon.

I had been looking at a particular laptop since Thanksgiving, but the web site said none of the Toledo stores had it in stock. I wanted to look any way. I knew the return line may be scary and I may not find what I wanted, but I was at least ready to look.

I arrived at the Best Buy, and there was a huge line for check out, but the returns line was pretty short. They were moving people through pretty quickly. My longest hold up was a woman trying to return an item that had been mailed from a family member without a receipt. Even with that I was done in less than 15 minutes. The returns staff was pretty quick and professional.

I went back to the laptops and I found the one I was looking for. However, the price tag was gone. This usually means it is out of stock. Almost immediately a man appeared and offered to look in the back for me. There was one left. He set it up for me and even put me in the Geek Squad line for check out instead of the much longer cashier line.

Even the Geek Squad employee was very kind about taking my two different payment methods. This store put a little bit of my faith back in Best Buy. An employee at the store in Indianapolis (Castelon) had me spent over $100 on an adapter that fried my old laptop's battery, and 2 cords that did not do what I needed.I have bought a camera and my netbook at the Westfield store, but I have avoided help from the employees. Now I may give them another chance.


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