In my version, Snow White hangs out with Batty

Oh this one is easy...and a little predictable for me...

Batty is the brains of the operation. He's loyal, sweet, and will take out anyone who messes with his friends.

Abby is sweet and misunderstood. She just wants to be loved, but sometimes doesn't communicate that well. She also tends to "eat her emotions."

Charlie is adorable, but he is also very clingy and needy. He demands to be the center of Snow White's attention and can be a little destructive. He doe not seem to understand the word NO.

She is the cute and clumsy dwarf. She's a people pleaser with a horrible sense of direction.

He's the oldest and most arrogant. He has his good moments, but he mainly acts too good for the rest of them.

Hyper, sweet and loyal.

Last but not least the youngest and quietest...she just wants to be your friend


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