New story idea

So I have been thinking about a new story idea. It is still in the very beginning stages, but I think it has promise. In usual me form, I am in writing ADD mode. I've discovered that I am becoming more and more quickly bored. If my mind isn't always working on something, I am bored. It is like I have been multitasking for so long that just doing one thing at a time is too slow. If I have nothing to do, I'm obsessing about all the things I should be doing instead. In a moment of being bored, this idea came to light.

I've been working with this basic concept for a while. My issue is how do you build it up without going too melodramatic? A doomed relationship lasts about two days before things go very wrong (although I'm not sure how else it would have been…you can't expect a person to throw everything she has ever wanted away after 2 days). Laying that out is pretty easy. Girl an guy have been best friends for years until he gets way into his private school buddies and he ignores her until guy finds out girlfriend is cheating on him. He's all humble and crap and discovers that the girl doesn't hold any grudges. We discover even with the two not really on friendly terms they have had intense moments over the past few years and all that culminates into a whirlwind 2 days…until the ex return and tells him she is pregnant and that since she never actually slept with the other guy it has to be his.

Girl tells him it is fine…it was all just an illusion any way, plus she is leaving in another 2 days for the city to start the job him mother secured for her and to start the second summer session at her college of choice. She leaves. He moves on. Life goes on.

Of course girl stays in the city and gets the life she has always wanted. Boy and ex stay together…boy gets a job in the city and thinks it will be a way to get some space, but then his ex loses her job (downsizing)and she decides to come to for better job opportunities despite the fact that supporting 2 people on 1 salary will be brutal. She's that kind of girl. She's sweet, well intentioned, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. Even when she is at her dimmest, it is hard to hate her.

Of course putting the lead guy and girl back in proximity is easy…but what is the fall out? Obviously this guy has some spineless issues. I'm thinking for throwing a wrench into this whole thing by not necessarily getting her back with the guy, but still making things work out for her. I agree that your first love does hold a place in your heart, but I also know that the majority of the population moves on from that strong emotional attachment. I know I have. My initial thought is to have her move on. Yes there is that initial awkwardness. I mean the last time they saw each other things were a mess, but once that passes it is just another moment in her life. He's still holding on though. He's still wishing things were different. He still has unresolved guilt. That opens the door to many different options. I'm ready to try some of those out.


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