My First Car

I was sixteen and I just got my license. Other parents bought their children nice reliable cars. Others of us…well we were happy to have a car that ran. Yes, my first car was a 1986 Ford Escort. The color was classified as "gold" but really it is was more of a cloudy brown.

I can give you the laundry list of things that were wrong with that car. The heater didn't kick in until at least ten minutes into the drive. The colder it was the longer it took. That meant the defrost didn't work either. On really cold days, the windows would frost over before I could drive down the block. When she first started up she wouldn't stay started unless you kept your foot on the accelerator. The locks would freeze and I would have to crawl in through the hatchback. She wouldn't accelerate all that fast. However, she was great on gas, her AC was amazing. Some one asked me if it worked…I assumed it didn't, but to my surprise it worked fabulously.

That car really was an eye sore and a hunk of junk, but it was my freedom and independence. I drove that little car into the ground, but it was the key to many memories…some are happy, others are sad…and some I can't publish because my mom reads this and I'm not sure on statute of limitations on some crimes in Ohio (I'm kidding…or am I? ;P). It was the car that took us to and from Port Clinton Community Band, work, school, band practice ballet classes, football games, and Tony Packos. It is the compact car we shoved nine people in to see a DCI competition, pulled out of a nine foot ditch with no damage, and drove all over Toledo. It was my gateway to work, fun and time with my friends.

That old clunker has a special place in my heart. It reminds me of a simpler time in my life and memories I hope I never forget.


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