Well that is a First

Throughout my past, I've never been the popular girl. I don't say that to complain. I never really had any desire to be. I'm okay with that.

 Now I guess I am one of the popular kids. I'm a nice popular kid...I'm not going to dislike you until you give me a reason to. I guess my bigger question is why are you really jealous of us?

So one of us sings many of the songs you sing. I think she sings them better. Your voice is bigger, but you have very little control over it. That didn't bother me until you started *loudly* mocking her while she sang. One of us is thin, pretty, and extremely out going. She's going to get attention. She isn't bothering you. She isn't being inappropriate (okay last night she wasn't inappropriate). Why bad mouth her? That brings us to me. I'm not the prettiest girl in the bar, nor I am I the thinnest. I'm not the best singer, but the songs I do sing I sing well (You Oughta Know isn't just to be screamed...there is a grit and disdain that goes with it and yes I heard you). Does at least 50% of the bar think I'm adorable and do I generally get what I want? Yes. Please remember though: I get paid to be cute and make friends with people.What kind of KJ would  I be if I didn't do those things.  I've never done anything negative to you, so why hate me?

I get that feeling of wanting the Dj/Kjs to pay attention to you. You don't get why Steph and I always get to close the show, or why we don't drop everything to accomadate you (really the guys didn't double check the song list to make sure all the files worked), or why we get attention and you don't. I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings. I know that it hurts when you desperately want something, but you can't have it. The impression I am getting is that you think you are better than us. If that is true, I could see why you think you deserve better treatment.  If we were bullying or picking on you, I could see why you are so hateful. Again, we have done nothing to you.

You may know that Quinn is Doug's fiancee, but you don't know all the crap she has put up with, sacrifices she has made, and all the work she has put in to keep P3 a float. You don't know how long I have worked for the company, the hours of work I've put it, and the support I've given. Stephanie has also paid her dues. This is my Indiana Family. We may be dysfunctional,  but when I needed them most they were there for me. So, yes we will get preferential treatment and more attention than you. Sorry.

It really does remind me off high school: Lets hate the popular kids just because they are popular. I'm not saying I never did it myself, but my high school years are well behind me. People change. I try not judge people superficially, and a little grace and forgiveness goes a long way.


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