Picking Your Battles

Sunday morning: I felt fine. I was tired (and too lazy to do my hair). My stomach hurt, but it had hurt pretty much all week. By Sunday night:I was miserable. My head was swimming with everything I have going on. My shoulder was throbbing and I was working on another tension headache. I hadn't really eaten much since Monday. I was just not hungry and every thing I forced myself to eat just made me sick. That includes what I had made myself for dinner. It wasn't pretty folks.

My week really hadn't been that bad. It was a culmination of a couple weeks events, stress, disappointments and this numb feeling I just can't shake. Even with all the good things (which there were many) thrown in, I just could not kick this growing bad feeling. It was like everything was hitting me at once, and my body was just throwing in the towel.

As I sat on my couch feeling super sorry for myself, it occurred to me: I was breaking my own rule: Pick Your Battles Carefully. I was trying to tackle, handle, and care for each issue that came my way at full speed ahead.

If you want to survive, you have to know which battles to take on, which ones to take a supporting role on, and the ones to walk away from. It isn't running away from your responsibilities or pushing your work off on to someone else. it is honestly taking a look at the situation and determining if it is: 1) Worth Fighting 2)What is your role in the fight? Are you the leader, or are you there for back up? More importantly: Is it your battle to fight?

Now it is time for me to sort out what is my fight, and what should I have less of a hand in. Some of the issues are all me. I am the only person who can fix them. Other things are less in my control. I don't have to hold on to it all.

I still have that numb feeling. It has gone a away a time or two, but it never lasts. The rest of it is getting better slowly as I pick what things I actually can impact as opposed to dead ends that will only make me crazier.


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