When Your Planned Kindness Turns into Random

I typically do not carry cash...unless it is laundry day or I have just picked up cash *for* laundry day. Even then it is typically the exact amount I need for the laundromat.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store...like I do most Mondays. There was someone doing collections for the Salvation Army outside the store. Every year I try to donate at least once but I have to make a concentrated effort to remember to grab extra cash to so. Yesterday I decided to get my meager donation done early this season and made sure I asked for extra cash back at checkout.

I wasn't in the store very long, but when I came out, the Salvation Army person was gone. I was just going to hold on to it until I ran into another donation kettle. Then I saw a woman walking through the parking lot. She was near tears, not wearing a jacket, and looked a little distraught. It turns out she was out of gas, and had apparently lost her debit card...and had no way of getting home. She didn't need much. She just needed enough to get gas and get home.

On a normal day, I couldn't help her. Not because I didn't want to but I just don't carry cash. Yesterday, I had the extra cash. It wasn't much but it was enough to help her out.

I don't tell you this to get attention for doing something nice. I just think it is odd how a deliberate choice ended up being positive for a totally different reason. It also reminds me to always listen to my heart. There is always a risk in doing so but sometimes it will have unexpected and pleasant results.


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