Time to Start Planning the Upcycle

The post move projects are becoming actual priorities....yikes!

I guess I will be adding Upcycler blogger to my list of blogging expertise.  Yeah I am not sure where this is coming from.

My thought is we have tons of stuff, we might as well make the best of it.

So far my projects include:

1) Making my sewing parlor cabinet into a curio (supplies already purchased)
2) Making a folding sewing table into a desk for the girls. It think it also needs to be refinished (most of the original finish is long gone, but I will see if I can salvage it without having to strip and refinish).
3) Recovering my dining room chairs, and deciding if I want to go with vinyl or have fun with fabric paint.
3) Recovering a vanity bench
4) Repainting a vanity and converting it into a desk.
5) Cutting the vanity mirrors into squares and then stenciling them with frosting paint
6) Possibly restaining the headboard, again with a little extra work this weekend it may be fine.
7) Refinishing the cedar chest we use for a coffee table.
8) Cleaning up my cherry clover table (which will be an easy fix and will probably get done this weekend as well)
9) Hanging the bookshelf my grandfather made for me on the wall.
10) Restoring the Victorian trunk

Most of these I have researched thoroughly and I have detailed instructions on how to complete said project. Others I am not so sure about, but I will have fun looking into those.

When possible I will have posts for each showing the before and after and hopefully have pictures of each step as I go.


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