A Fiction Update, some other info and general treachery

  1. I turned 30…God help me and keep me from letting the bad thoughts win.
  2. Speaking of the bad thoughts: I hate feeling like I am being replaced…even though I know in my heart it won't happen I just have this irrational worry because I can't always be there.
  3. I have a sponsor! WooHoo! I Should have more coming soon, so just keep your eyes peeled J
  4. If you have been living under a rock all summer and you have not checked out www.culturefeast.com, you are a slacker. It is an awesome site, and I have quite a few awesome blogs over there. I'm bringing my inner TV critic back to life, and loving every minute of it. Yes I have other topics in there too, but it has been great to write for a supportive editor and to get some great exposure.
  5. Rain Tiger Changes: Starting August 1, my focus on raintiger.com is changing. I am still a feature editorial writer, but the topic is changing. Stay tuned for more details there.
  6. The Freelance gig game: Is going well. I am like any freelancer. It takes time to make sure a post isn't a scam, put together a query or an application and then play the waiting game. Sometimes you hear nothing. Other times it sounds great, but then the editor or employer just falls off the face of the universe. Sometimes they reply positively to you, but after getting more info you decide maybe it isn't a good fit (IE the guy who wrote me today and wanted 10 500 posts a week @ $3 a post). I'm just being patient and being careful to only apply to the ones that have potential.
  7. The birds have more drama that I have…Popcorn and Weddnesday are in love. Maya has decided to "move in" with Batty and Abby. Charlie tries to eat anything I eat and would rather sit with me than the other birds. Skye isn't over losing Mina…it is a little birdie soap opera.
  8. The real job…is teaching me every day that while I am grateful for it, I am not supposed to be doing this for the rest of my life.
  9. As always, I wish there were more hours in the day. I still have hours of video to compress and edit, and no time to make it happen.
  10. Fiction: Is making huge amounts of progress. I almost have the whole story figured out and I cannot wait until I have my rough draft done. It has taken a little bit of a back seat to my freelance search and projects, but it is still a huge part of my life. I have strong characters. I have managed to dial down the drama and get to the core of the conflict. The hard part is going to be pulling it all together into one idea. This is where organization is key and focus has to be there. I am hoping that after late registration I can take time to make this work. Once the rough draft is done, the worst of it is over. Then it is time to edit, move, revise and hopefully start looking for publishers by the start of the year.


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