Dear Indiana Punch Crew: You Suck

Back in April I bought a deal from Eversave. The deal was for 50% off 2 hours of cleaning services from Indiana Punch Crew.

I bought it because we would be moving mid May, and I wanted help getting my old apartment ready after I had moved out. *Before* I bought the save: 1) I checked them out online. All their reviews were positive. 2) I called the company to ensure that 2 hours was enough time for a post move clean (for a 655 sq ft apartment). They said yes, and we booked at time.

About a week and a half before my appointment, they called and left a voicemail saying they were on their way to my apartment. I called them back as quickly as I could to let them know I wasn't home and that my appointment was not until the 25th. When I called, they apologized. They said they called me on accident, and they confirmed my appointment day and time. Okay, an honest mistake. I can handle that.

Moving day came and went. I returned to my apartment on the day of my appointment. I was planning on doing some cleaning, but I didn't have all my supplies. After all, I had a cleaning company coming over. Right?

My appointment time came (4:00): no one was there. I waited 20 minutes before making my first phone call. It went to voice mail. I asked if they were having issues finding my place. I also explained that this was the only day I had for getting the place cleaned up. I asked them to please call me.

The second phone call went out at 4:45. Again they didn't answer. Again I told them to call me.

The third call went out at 5:00. In that call I said they needed to be here by 6:00 or I was reporting them to Eversave and getting a refund. Their posted business hours were until 6:00, and yet they never called me back. I tried calling just before 6:00, their mailbox was full.

I was left to clean the apartment with Mark, and with limited supplies. We didn't leave the apartment until after 9:00.

A complaint was put into Eversave and the Better Business Bureau.

They didn't show. They didn't call. As of today they have not answered any of my phone calls.

This is unacceptable. After looking around again, it appears they have done this to other customers as well. I am not sure what their problem is, but this is no way to run a business.


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