The State of Things

The Bad
  1. In the past 2 days at least 3 of my friends have been colossally screwed over. I do not take kindly to that.
  2. I have been made aware of things that I can't understand. These are things that make zero sense and actually hurt the people they are supposed to be protecting.
  3. I officially hate selling on craigslist. Apparently, living on the North side AND having a 8-6 work day makes pick up impossible.
  4. Unprepared students: Really getting to me today. This is college. Of course you need your student ID number to do business. 
  5. My head still is killing me. I need some rest. Soon.
The Good

  1. I had taken June 4 and 5 off. First to burn some hours of vacation time (because I will be maxing out soon...if I am not already). And because those days are the 2 year anniversary of the massive stroke and the tornado (aka the 2 days that changed my life pretty much forever). Tuesday I received an meeting invite for  our annual Assessment Coordinator's meeting. This will be a huge meeting: One I cannot miss. that date: June 5. After a little feeling sorry for myself, I sucked it up and e-mailed my boss. I let her know I would not be taking that day off and that I would be at the meeting. The trade off: Now I have Monday, Wednesday and Thursday off. Aside from the meeting the only day I will be working is Saturday that week.
  2. Moving Day is in 8 days. 
  3. I may possibly have May 26 off. That means I will have a 4 day weekend, followed by a 4 day work week, followed by 2 days off, a meeting day, 3 days off and one day of work. I am just waiting on the official word. I so need this time off. Lets keep hoping for a closure.
  4. The freezer: Is still hanging in there.
  5. I found my Keynote Summer Project Roommate from South Africa on Facebook. I was always sad we lost touch (she is pretty awesome), and it is great to be back in contact!
  6. I was annoyed with the lawyers this morning. I was confused by the update from my sister.  Out of curiosity, I shot them an e-mail just asking for an update. They got back to me, and while I am still disappointed that they are taking so long to get things moving, I do see they have been true to their word. Quarterly reports are ready and hopefully within the next few weeks Nigel will be ready to start moving this forward. Yes, I do wish they had stuck to better timeline. I just want this to be over with. 


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