No, Not Today. Not on Rex Manning Day!

Have you ever watched a movie and thought "if those people were real I would so be their friend?" OK well maybe I haven't either, but when I think of my favorite movies I know I relate to some of the characters. That is part of the reason I love them. If I had to pick one movie that I think I could be friends with the characters, that would be Empire Records.

The one thing I've always noted about this movie is how they took a page directly out of "The Breakfast Club." Each character identifies a stereotype and each character has a reason we should not like them. They also have a very human side that allows us to like them despite their short comings. Despite their differences, they all come together and support the little dysfunctional family they have created. They seem like a pretty easy crowd to get along with. Actually, if they can all get along with each other, I should fit in fine. I'm not as good looking or quirky as the cast, but personality wise I could be a good addition to the group.


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