Long Lines: What is worth the wait

I'm a reasonably patient person. However, I still cannot stand waiting in line for an unreasonable amount of time, Waiting twenty minutes in line at Best Buy *right* before Christmas is reasonable. Twenty minutes during most of the rest of the year not so much.

Cedar Point - Sunset HDR

I once spent 4 hours at the BMV and I only left with 3/4 of what I was there to do. I'm not sure *why* my birth certificate that was perfectly fine to get through customs and to get a passport was "too dark" for the state of Indiana. It was though. Lines like that make me crazy. I had to wait over an hour to be prescreened. Then another hour for my test. I was bounced back to prescreening who finally put me in the queue to speak with someone. Why? It was drawn out, and frustrating.

There are a few things that are worth the horrendous lines:

1) Getting on a cruise ship. Come on. You are going on a cruise. Yes, the check in line is long, and that laptop you *had* to bring is heavy, but it will be worth it.Soon you will be on board and things will be better. Rum drinks are just ahead. Hang in there

2) Rides at Cedar Point.Cedar Point game plan: get there when they open. Go immediately to the ride that you want to ride *most.* Get in line while the line is still short (because everyone else is in the front of the park). Once you have that first ride in, do not bounce all over the park. It is a big loop. Pick a direction and follow the loop. You will save time and energy. Also: while packing your lunch for the day *sounds* like a good idea the picnic area is in the front of the park. You lose time and risk having to wait in longer lines if you have to keep running to the front of the park. You will still have to wait in line (and on busy days that will be well over an hour) for most rides, but aside from the Mean Streak and the Corkscrew (okay and Disaster Transport ) it is well worth the wait.

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