Random post time folks...yay!

If I could be a TV character...I would want to be a combination of these guys:
Abby--NCIS: She's the perfect blend of dark and happy. She has a great sense of humor and pretty much gets along with everyone. Occasionally she gets into a mood and can be a brat. She has her not so great moments, but she always recovers. I love the wardrobe most times. Now I just need the added height and to be a great deal smarter.
Chloe-- 24: She isn't as happy as Abby. She doesn't dress nearly as cool. She doesn't always play well with others. However, if I need a computer expert to get me top secret information, buy me some time, or any of the other things she seems to be able to do...she's the one I'm calling. As I have said before I'm not sure how she stays alive...but I'm glad she does.
Elliott-- SCRUBS: Yes she is naive and neurotic...not 2 things I really strive to be; however, but she looks for the good in people. She loves people unconditionally, and expects the same out of others. This is sometimes to her detriment, but it is her. Yes she gets mad at people, and may need time to forgive and heal. but it works.


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