Trying Something New: ThredUp

I'm slowly losing weight, many of my old clothes are reaching the end of their lives. I need new clothes.

Clothes cost money. Even when I wait for a flash sale, things are still pretty expensive. If I wait until an item goes on clearance, it is likely not going to be in my size.

Another piece of the puzzle is the girls. They are growing, and they also need clothes.

That means I need to stretch my budget even further. With the girls I have lucked out with sales at Kohls and my neighborhood garage sale sites. I haven't been as lucky with finding things for myself.

As I focus more on my career, I need to step my my wardrobe and replace the things that no longer fit/are just worn out.

One solution I have found is ThredUp. It is online consignment shopping, and so far it is working pretty well. The site allows you to set up your account with your size information, so it will bring up things in the sizes you want. You can set up a price range that you are comfortable in paying for an item as well.  The site also sells shoes and accessories.

So far I have placed two orders. The first I bought two sundresses (for a vacation we are no longer taking...but one of them can be made into a work dress with a cardigan and ballet flats).  With shipping it was less than $25. The second order was three tops. It was less than $22 with shipping. I have been quite pleased with the purchases.

What I like:
They sell brand name items for reasonable prices
They are transparent about the condition of the items
They have a pretty fair and easy return policy
They have sales

What I Don't Like
It sometimes takes some digging to find items you want. That being said that is typically how consignment or thrift shopping works. At least you can narrow it down by size, item type and price.

I recently ordered a clean out kit to try and sell some of my more gently used clothes. The kit arrived in a few days, and it came with a bag with a package return label affixed. I'll be sending it in tomorrow, and I will see how that goes. $6.99 will be deducted from whatever I do earn.  I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

You can check it out yourself by clicking here


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