Bright Spots in a Long Week

Its finals week (at work). I've been working long days all week...and I have another one tomorrow.
I have a big paper due on Sunday
Tomorrow is Relay for Life here, so I will be going from work to Relay

Things are a bit crazy. By the time I'm home from work, I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open to do my homework. I'm still not sure how I will make it all work. Then why I am I taking the time to blog? Because even with the worst of things, there are bright spots worth sharing.

Today one of the disability support advisors copied me on an email reply from a former student. I wasn't sure why she had at first (he was not asking a testing question), but then I saw the closing line from his email to her. He had sent "greetings" to her, my supervisor and...and well me.

A few years ago, Mark and I were on our way to Gatlinburg. I had taken Friday off so we would have a long weekend. While we were on the road, I received an email from the same advisor I received the email from today. There had been some sort of miscommunication. It was his first semester, and his first test at the college. I'm not sure of the whole story, but the advisor was asking me if I would scribe for the student (he is visually impaired) on that Monday. I'm not sure why she asked me (it could be how the situation was handled in my absence, or it could be because I had scribed for another visually impaired student while he was is in that particular class in the past). From that point until he was taking only advanced math classes, I was his scribe. I even had to guide him down from the fifth floor (stairwell) when there was a fire in our building.  He's since graduated and moved on to a four-year school, but his email made me smile. He still thinks about us. Yes, we were doing our jobs, but we made a difference in his  life.

Making a difference in the lives of our students: that is why I do what I do.

That's why I'm there right when the building is unlocked and I won't leave until we are ready for the next day. That's why I make myself crazy trying to figure out the best way to make these weeks work.

On a less deep note (but also pretty exciting), today my stepdaughter participated in the Promotional Photography Competition at BPA finals (in Orlando).  She was the only middle schooler in her event, and in any of the virtual events being judged today. She won best in show for her Promotional Photography Presentation (you had to be one of the top 10 in the country to present). I am so proud of her. It has been great to share one of my interests with her and to help her prepare for the event.


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