Knowing My Heart

I've been frustrated by my career, and I have been excited about my career.

I applied for a position outside the college. I was interviewed (which was awesome) but I did not get the job. It was encouraging because even with it being a stretch (I met the minimum requirements) I still was interviewed. It was frustrating because it wasn't until I got the rejection email that I realized how much I am ready to start looking to my future.

 I've been frustrated because the positions I can see myself excelling in, are currently held by amazing people that aren't going anywhere.

I'm excited to see where things go with our restructure, but I am unsure that it will open any doors for me in the near future. The opportunities created may be for those who are already in leadership roles that are ready for that next step. Right now I'm not one of those people.

I'm not unhappy where I am, but I really do feel that tug of wanting more.

I had a friend recently tell me that I needed to stop being so hung up on the actual positions with on the college. As the restructure happens those jobs become something else entirely. It does me no good to covet a position someone else is already being rockstar at doing. What I need to focus on is establishing myself outside of my current role. People need to see me outside of working in testing. I need to be able to articulate and share what I am passionate about and what things I do well.

I am good at project management. I tech savvy. I enjoy testing new platforms and seeing how they hold up. I't sounds cheesy, but I really am passionate about our student facing processes. I believe they should be the best product we can create with our resources. I believe if a process or a software make the process easier for the student to navigate, that is a win. I also believe that processes need to be clean and efficient on the admin side too. Our processes need to be clean and user friendly in order for us to best serve our student population.

I'm not sure what that means for my future. I'm not sure how to get that information out into the professional world so that others see me for what I am passionate about, not just where I am now.

I guess that is the next thing I need to find out.


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