First Steps

Last night I submitted an application for a new job.

Full Transparency Here:

I meet the minimum requirements for the position, but I am missing some crucial parts of the desired skills. Also it would require me to relocate, so that's another strike against me.

So why did I do it?

1) It is a job I would love to have. It doesn't hurt to try
2) It gave me a reason to work on my CV and brush the cobwebs off my cover letter writing skills
3) The application required me to answer some tough questions. When I do apply locally, I need to be ready to answer those.
4) If by some miracle I am selected for an interview, it will be much needed practice.

I'm getting closer to knowing exactly what I want to do professionally, but I'm still not sure of when that will become a reality.

I know that while I am certainly not unhappy with my job, I know what direction I want to go. Now it is just playing the waiting game. I know that I want something more than I have now. I know I would like something a bit more Administrative than Front Line Customer Service. The question becomes when will that job opening come?

There is a posting for a different region, and I would love the job. I'm not 100% I'd fit the bill, but it is something that interests me. While I mentioned above I'd relocate, it has to be to the right place. Southern Indiana is not one of those places.

I know my boundaries.

I don't want to leave the college. I don't want to leave my current region. I'd be more apt to leave the region (as we live rather close to 2 others), and I'll only leave the college for something that is a perfect fit.

The Linked In profile is getting a face lift too. I need to be ready to act when the moment comes...but for now  I just wait.


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