Dear Sprint

Dear Sprint,

Less than a year ago, I bought a Galaxy S II. I do love the phone, but I am now on my third one because of a common issue with the phone. I reached out to you guys, and you sent me a different model to try this time (as each of the S IIs has had the same issue).

The phone arrived today. It was late when I came home, but I still wanted to check it out (even if I didn't have time to do anything with it). I opened the phone box, and I was a bit disappointed by what I saw.

Please, don't take this as me being ungrateful. I do appreciate the option to try a different phone. I have not even tried the phone yet. It could be amazing.

When the rep explained the new model to me, he said it was about the same size as the S II. This phone is really more like half the size of my current phone. It is effing tiny. It also has significantly less memory...which is something I was not told, but a memory card can fix that. Here's the thing though, did the tech support guy have to exaggerate the size? It is probably just a cosmetic thing, but how could anyone say they were comparable size wise? Although to be fair...guys do seem to have an exaggerated view when it comes to measuring small things.




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