Another Dinner Fail

I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like to be an actual mom. I know it is different to learn your role from the time the child is an infant on is a muh bigger deal than stepping into a family later. I have so much respect for moms and what they do. Stepping into a family and trying to learn how to do a fraction of whan actual moms do has been hard enough. 

It has some really great moments. There are good weekends, great moments, and times where you can see the progress. Those moments are very rewarding. You have to hold on to those moments. Not every night or weekend can win them over.

There are other times when a bad attitude suddenly kills an otherwise amazing weekend. When they stare blankly at you and ignore what you are saying, or look at you like you are the dumbest person to ever walk the face of the earth, and it makes you want to scream. The moment when something they have loved to eat, suddenly makes them gag and pretend to throw up at the dinner table, and you want to cry. They make lame transparent excuses because they would rather lie than just own up to their mistakes. They say mean things just beause they can. As I have mentioned before, one of our biggest symptoms in of our lack of respect problem is what I now just refer to as "Dinner Fail."

We have had 2 of those this week. even with the promise of an item we had taken away from them being returned if they ate on Tuesday wasn't enough. I even stacked the deck and made them things I *knew* they would like.  Tonight I rushed home and put together another meal that recieved rave rewiews in the past. One girl "ate too much at Mamaws" (the same excuse she used Tuesday), and the other developed a sudden case of the "I don't feel goods" (desipte her playing and laughing with her dad before dinner).

I really could have used that "win" tonight. Things were getting better for a while, but I feel like I am losing ground. Kids are kids. I get that, but I feel like I am losing this battle, and I don't even know
 who   I am losing to. The feeling of defeat is getting old.

The past four nights we have had them, I have gone into the night hopeful and positive that this would be one of the good nights, but each time I have been disappointed. 

This weekend is another weekend. It is time to try and shake this off, and look forward to our time with them. All I can do is keep trying and looking forward to a time where all the hard work will have paid off.


Laura Strong said…
Present over perfect!! It WILL pay off, Jenni! Be there, be consistent and it will pay off!

This weekend is going to be great!! :)

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