Project # 4: The vanity bench

Here is the last project for the girls room.

My parents bought me a vanity bench at a garage sale. I never got around to recovering it, and since my vanity was becoming Mark's desk (my old bathroom was a shoe box. Our new bathroom actually has space for my stuff.), I didn't have a place for it.

Then I decided to make the girls a desk. Now they needed a place to sit. The vanity bench seemed like the best answer.

The vanity after I removed the seat.

1) Cleaned the bench (Murphy's Oil Soap and Liquid Gold)
2) Taped off the areas I didn't want to stain
3) Sand off the old finish
4) Wipe off the dust
5) Apply stain

6) Wipe off access stain (Note: I probably should have put wood conditioner on this before staining it. I know this now)
7) Let dry over night
8) Spray with gloss finish and let dry over night.

9) Pick out fabric for bench. 
10) Use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the seat

11) Re-attach the seat to the bench. This can be tricky to do on your own. Please note my legs and toes in the pictures below. If you have an extra person to help, this will be much easier (sadly Mark was at a softball game).


Here it is with the desk

Stay tuned for more projects soon!


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