The First Morning

The girls stayed at the apartment for the first time last night. it went pretty well. There will be some adjustments to the new rules. The birds may have a harder time adjusting to them than they did with the actual move. It will be fine, but the new faces that want to be their faces are making them a little anxious.

The morning seemed to go well. I go up, got ready for work, got the birds settled, and then the girls woke up. I got them settled with drinks and the Disney channel just in time to dash out the door and make it work by 7:55 (plenty of time to get logged in and ready to open at 8:00).

There is one small thing I forgot. My jacket. And it was 49 degrees this morning. Oh, and I already am having sinus issues. I was so focused on getting them settled (partly so they would let their Dad sleep a bit longer), that I totally forgot that you know it was cold outside and that a jacket would be a good idea.

I never said this was going to be easy.  I'm grateful that the only negative thing was about me, but it doesn't bode too well that I am already forgetting things.


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