DIY Project #3: A sewing table into a desk

The girls really wanted a desk in their new bedroom.

The problem: Between the 2 of us we have 2 desk, and it is an antique secretary (which is currently standing in as our medicine cabinet). We already had committed to making a vanity into a desk for Mark. Moving is expensive, and it just wasn't in our budget to buy them new furniture.

That is where a little creativity came in.

1) Take Mom's sewing table (the sewing table I was only supposed to have temporarily...but lets be honest that woman had more furniture than she knew what to do with).

2) Clean it with Murphy's Oil Soap and Liquid Gold.
3) Sand off the old finish 
4) Wipe away dust.
5) Apply stain

6) Let sit 15 minutes and wipe off the excess.
7) Let dry overnight

8) Spray top with a clear gloss
9) Let dry overnight

Now for the Shelves and drawers:

I went with fabric drawers from Closetmaid

For the shelves I revisited the Closetmaid mini shelving units. This time I went with a different set up. Instead of the 6 mini cubes, I went with 2 mini cubes with 2 longer shelves. This unit was much harder to assemble. I actually had to get Mark's help because I needed more than 2 hands to assemble it. We both messed up the laminate in spots, but the drawers will hide our mistakes

Put the shelves on top of the sewing table, and ta-da it is a little desk for the girls.

Where will they sit? Ah yes, that project isn't quite finished yet.


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