Why I Can't Wait to Move

We move in a week. I cannot wait. Everything is falling into place, and soon it will be time to pick up the moving truck and relocate to Noblesville.

There are so many things to look forward to:

  1. No more only getting to see each other for 36 hours on the weekends.
  2. No more text message good nights.
  3. The 45 minute drive to and from Atlanta every weekend.
  4. The washer and dryer are included in the apartment: NO MORE LAUNDROMAT
  5. I won't have to clean up the mess made by the birds while I was gone every Sunday night.
  6. The prospect of having a social life again.
  7. We will not have to drive far for all the concerts we are going to this summer.
  8. There will no longer be a loud guy living upstairs.
  9. The birds will have company on the weekends and every other week during the day.
  10. I will no longer be cooking (or grocery shopping) for just one person. 
  11. I love our new neighborhood. Everything I need is nearby.
  12. My new kitchen is actually big enough for 2 people.
  13. My new bathroom is bigger than a shoe box AND has actual counter space.
  14. 2 people to do housework as opposed to 1
  15. Screened in balcony
  16. As much as I love spending time with his family (I honestly do. They are awesome), the extra privacy will  be nice. 
  17. Having space that is "ours"
  18. Having a decent workout room on site.
  19. Having a comfortable couch.
  20. Having pretty much all matching furniture.
And there is so much more...


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