My first DIY project: Make a Sewing Cabinet into a Curio

I wanted a place to display things in our new apartment. However, we did not have the space for a new curio cabinet. 

I also didn't have any furniture that I wanted to get rid of.

Solution: Repurpose something I already had. This is a simple project, but it is also my first one. 

And that is how this adventure begins.

I started with: 

An Antique Sewing Parlor Cabinet

And a Closet Maid Mini shelving unit (Bought at Target $13.00)

  1. I cleaned the sewing cabinet with a soap and water combo.
  2. Polished it up a bit.
  3. Put the coffin piece on the right way (my boyfriend had it on backwards)
  4. Assembled the shelving unit. This was pretty easy. You do need a Phillips head screw driver, but every thing else you need comes with the unit along with the stuff you need to mount it on the wall if you want. I will be using this product again when I make the desk for the girls.

In under 30 minutes it looked like this.

I opened the cabinet doors all the away, and set the shelving inside.

Then it was time to decorate. 

Next up we have: The desk for the girls' room. The girls dresser. Refinishing our dining room table and our coffee table.  Those will be a much bigger undertaking.


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