I Have a Project List

Yeah another post about moving. Sorry. Deal with it.

As our move gets closer, my "project list" keeps growing.

So far I am:

  1. converting a parlor sewing cabinet into a china cabinet (shelving purchased)
  2. Converting a sewing table into a desk
  3. Recovering a vanity bench
  4. Recovering dining room chairs
  5. Sanding and refinishing a vanity/desk
  6. Possibly refinishing a headboard.

I am strangely committed to making our new apartment a home. I have never had a place that wasn't a hodgepodge of free furniture. I have never had  a place to share with someone else. I want to do this right.

I have no idea where this burst of nesting is coming from. It certainly isn't something I inherited from my parents. I know some of it is doing the most with what we have. We have limited space, and some great stuff that could just use some TLC and/or repurposing.

I am looking forward to the new challenges and having fun getting the apartment in shape.


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