Just a Thought

Have you ever thought back on all the things in your past that never quite worked out.

I don't mean look back and dwell, but to look back with some perspective.

You can still remember the  tear filled nights and moments where you would put every thing on hold to make another person happy. You were never necessarily looking for payback, or thought they owed you something, but reciprocity would be nice. You remember the fun you gave up, the driving out of your way, and settling you did thinking it would be worth it in the end. You wondered if your patience would ever pay off.  There is a very lonely feeling when you are trying to fill your life with the wrong things. They may not be bad things, they are just not what is going to make you happy. It could people. It could be nights out. It could be anything, but it just isn't working. You keep trying. You keep hoping. It just doesn't seem to get better.

Maybe you are facing this right now.

There isn't a magic fix, but hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for.

When you do, it is amazing change. You can look back and see the darkness, and you can appreciate what you have now. It may still be challenging. You may still have disappointments. Life may still be far from perfect, but something major has changed. It shows you how far things have gone and how far you have grown.


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