Why I Hate the Laundromat

1) I have to haul my week or so of laundry there on a regular basis.
2) It costs at least $5 a week...more if I am washing bedding.
3) The change machines are sassy (but they do work so that is a bonus).
4) Whenever I am here, so are the creepy, crazy, and "classy" bunch.
5) I may only wash 3 loads of laundry, but I have to use 4 dryers if I want out of here before midnight.
6) Unless it is 80+ degrees outside, it is freezing in here.
7) Inconsiderate people who hog up and/or block the open dryers.
8) People who judge my clothes and that are offended by the contents I air dry.
9) Lack of soap in the bathroom.
10) The long walk back from my car with the heavy laundry basket when I return home because there is no parking by my building


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