Gift Giving Quandry

I hate shopping. I hate shopping for me.

I however do *love* giving gifts. I am not sure I am all that great at it, but I hope I get it somewhat right. I love it when I get it right and I can see the joy on the other person's face. I love being able to make others happy. It isn't for attention. I just genuinely like bringing joy to others.

This year, I decided to be smart and get my Christmas shopping done early. I was successful at that goal. Between a pre-cyber Monday sale, Black Friday online shopping, actual Cyber Monday shopping and one well planned out trip to the mall, I was done. happened. The gift I wanted to buy for someone on my list was back in stock. The issue was if I bought something else for her, I had to be fair and buy another thing for her sister (to make it fair). Okay, we can do this. Well maybe if I could find something she might want...and that took a while. Maybe I was over thinking it. Maybe I shouldn't shop at 2:30 a.m. when I can't sleep. Finally, I was somewhat successful and headed to the checkout link.

 Then I was just $10 short of free shipping so I ended up picking up little gifts/stocking stuffers for the men in my life (my boyfriend and my brother).

So much for getting things done well in advance.

Now I am waiting for 1 more box...and may need more wrapping supplies.


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