New Traditions

This Thanksgiving will be different.

1) It is my first Thanksgiving that I will not be going home.
2) It is my first Thanksgiving without my Dad.

I always had hoped that someday I would have a reason to not go home...not in a bad way. I had hoped to meet someone and to have the opportunity to start a new tradition. I have that this year. It will be a little bittersweet to not see my family, but I am looking forward to something new.

The harder part will be that this will be my first Thanksgiving without my dad.

The year of firsts when you lose a parent is always hard...sadly I know this first hand. We had just made it through our first year of holidays, birthdays and special events without Mom, and not even two months later we lost our dad. Now we have to do it all over again.

As much fun I know I will have, I also know it will be a sad day for me. I knew last Thanksgiving, I would never have a family Thanksgiving like the one I had when Mom was still alive. Still, even with last year's Thanksgiving being a total unmitigated disaster, I had hope that we would find a new tradition Dad enjoyed.
That hope is now gone, and I have to let myself mourn that loss. At least I know I won't be facing it alone.


Liz said…
It is hard to have holidays without your parents. We will try to make this a NICE Thanksgiving for you.

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