I have been sleeping worse than usual over the past week. I'm not sure why, but even the things that typically make me sleep better haven't worked. When I'm this tired, I am just not myself.

  1. I'm cranky
  2. I have no attention span
  3. I'm easily overwhelmed
  4. Crap that should never make me cry, puts me in tears...and then I feel like an idiot for crying at all
  5. I just want something to make me feel better... but everything I try just makes me feel worse
  6. I'm paranoid that I have done things wrong 

Really, I'm no good to anyone like this. Still I have to try. There is too much to do for me to be totally useless. Sitting around feeling totally sorry for my self  isn't going to make anything better. I have decisions to make and to stand by. Even when I am scared, and not totally sure what to do, I need to muster up some focus and listen to my instincts. 


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