Lessons Learned

Some lessons learned the mostly the hard way:

  1. Simplify as much as you can: It makes life easier
  2. Bad things will happen. It will cause drama. How you handle the drama will be a huge piece of how well you recover from it.
  3. When your life is a mess, you never know where you will find people and things that help you feel normal again
  4. (as evidenced at work today) Just because you want something, even if your reasoning is sound and it is totally understandable, doesn't mean the other people involved have the resources to make it happen. 
  5. Cherish the things and people that make you happy
  6. People may sometimes surprise you
  7. Be observant enough to know when to take things personally and when to just let it go
  8. Be honest, but not harsh or hateful. Words..even just texted words (these even more so because they can be looked at and obsessed over time and time again) can hurt break your heart and batter your soul.
  9. Sometimes it takes a while to find your place in life...don't give up...hell I'm still looking but maybe I'm  finally getting closer
  10. Being broken isn't a chronic condition unless you let it be. It may take some time for you to get back on your feet. There will be bad days and set backs. You *will* backslide. Eventually, a day will come where you have fought long enough to find someone or something that makes you forget about the brokeness...even just for a little bit.  


Too many titles said…
Like the new design:) And when you finally find your place in life, let me know how you found it...I think it might be a neverending journey!!

The dessert was a huge success:)

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