Knowing What You Are Doing

I received paperwork from the lawyer today. It is our game plan for the estate proceedings and the trust. 

It is hard on a few counts. One, seeing "the Norman Hammitt estate" just makes me sad. Two, between the trust and the estate, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

My siblings also got a copy of the letter. I am sure it stressed out my sister as it told us (again) we need to sell the house before the end of the year and we cannot distribute the trust until that is done. Really, the lawyer did my dirty work for me. I was going to send out something saying the same thing tonight.

I keep saying I don't know what I am doing, but really I do. I might not have all the steps down, but I know as long as I stay organized and pay attention to the details, we will ride this out just fine. It is a little overwhelming, there are risks, and I am sure I will need a drink or two before this is all over. I have to put myself out there for this. Hiding behind my wall is just going to make this take longer and make more issues. People may not agree with my decisions. They may judge the path I take. I will just have to deal with it. That is hard for me.

I'm an odd mix. I'm honest, but I have my secrets. I have a hard time finding the confidence in myself to say I know exactly what I am doing. I am aware of the risks, and I think I deserve a positive outcome.


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