Fathers and Daughters

Most ( ok I can only speak for me, and my friends who have daughters) have a special bond that I can't really explain.

I know that I was my father's world when I look at these:
Fact: we are probably watching football

first Christmas...and my own Santa

Live Nativity scene...in the cold....

I'm finally home (we had to stay at the hospital for a while since I decided to be a July baby, not a September baby)

No matter how old I was, or how sick he  was I was always his baby girl.

You saw it when I stormed into his room and ordered him to get better (after the tornado)...because at that moment he chose to fight.
You saw it when he refused to let me give up my life here in Indy and move back to Ohio.
You saw it when I arrived at the hospital on that Thursday night and his vitals went up.
You saw it when he would panic whenever I would leave his side that Saturday night at Hospice.

It is the reason I wouldn't let him out of my sight that Saturday night. 
It is the reason I crawled up into the side of the bed to say my good byes...just like when I would sit on the arm rest of the recliner as a kid. (btw: totally got my tubby arse stuck there too..because there has to be comedy in ever serious moment)

It is what makes missing him the hardest. 


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