Just Another Manic Monday

I'm not a fan of Mondays...who really is. For some reason though I'm ready for this one. I'm exhausted (were talking about maybe 8 hours of sleep since Thursday). I'm sore. I'm worried. I'm scared.  I feel like I have done something wrong, but I can't figure out what. I'm stressed about my trip home at the end of the week (and dreading doing it solo).  For some reason, none of that matters this morning. I guess my new perspective is working.

I had more time than I would have liked to think this weekend. Some of it was very productive. Some of it just made me feel worse. Mostly, it made me realize all I can do is face each day like I did before the tornado.

  1. Love my family even when they are making me twitchy
  2. Love my friends, because really they are my family too
  3. Take care of the people in my life
  4. Do my job the best I can and not let the little things distract me
  5. Do everything I can to ensure the people in my life are happy. Seeing them happy makes me happy.
  6. Stick to my own rules: they will keep me safe (another post for another day)
  7. Be patient.
  8. It is okay to be impractical and dream big, but be ready for the disappointment I may find.
  9. Pick my battles wisely
  10. Only put my trust in people who deserve it (not that anyone who currently has it doesn't deserve it ...that is one thing I never really gave up)
If I can do these 10 things: I know that while it is still going to be hard (and I will have some very bad days), I will be just fine. 

I'll survive this new round of dealing with loss...and hopefully a few of the impractical things will not be a total mess (God knows I need a pick me up). My life will never be the same, and some things may never work out in my favor. However, it won't stop me from living my life. 

I watched Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton one) this weekend. I have always liked this song, but I think it is fitting (yeah I get is about a break up...and that far from applies to me, but the lyrics work for me too in my mind)


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