It is late registration, and every term we see the same things:

  1. They can't get in to *the* orientation session they want
  2. They can't find open class sessions.
  3. They don't like our hours or availability.
My personal favorites are the ones who think that they are entitled to have all the "speed bumps" swept away. Never mind they waited until last minute, it should be  smooth sailing for them. It never occurs to them there is always a price for procrastination. It may be not getting exactly what you want. It may be ease or peace of mind. There is always something it costs you.

I should have stayed home and written thank you's tonight. Instead I went out, and paid the price when two of my friends chose to once again break a very simple promise (and even without the promise it was a pretty big douchebag move: why would you think singing Live Like You Were Dying was a good song choice considering I just lost my dad less than 3 weeks ago...seriously...). Yes, being home alone would have meant over thinking, but now I am mad and hurt...and I will be up all night over thinking. I should have just stayed home and worked through it. It was my choice, and I am paying.

The difference is that I own my choice and the price I have to pay. It sucks. I can regret my decision, and make the best of it. I have the right to be mad and have my feelings hurt, but I know I could have avoided it by not putting off my work.


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