I Will...

  1. Be able to fall asleep
  2. Not be waken up by nightmares
  3. Write for the writing workshop again
  4. Blog regularly again
  5. Get my tattoo...but now there will be 2 dates listed :-(
  6. Be hungry again
  7. Not feel sick every time I eat
  8. Get everything in order and handle it flawlessly
  9. Start taking pictures again
  10. Stop feeling sad when I am alone
  11. Get the knots out of my shoulders...even if it is just for a few hours
  12. Stay focused on a happy future for my family
  13. Figure out why my skin is freaking out...and fix it
  14. Figure out where I actually feel happy (home:no at karaoke: not always)
  15. Keep loving my friends and family and taking the best care of them  I can
Now...I just have to figure out how to make this all happen...it is a good thing I can't sleep so I have time to think about it.


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