I Live With Monsters

Last Tuesday I came home after my run and my wi fi wasn't working. I checked the router, nothing was getting power. Actually, none of my appliances on that wall were working. I checked out the circuit breaker box and one was tripped. I unplugged everything reset the circuit, plugged every thing back in and the only thing that didn't come back on was the dvr/cable box. 

I just figured it was fried and didn't think  much more of it. I keep the entertainment stand covered because the baby birds chew on the cords. I had never caught one of them back there, so I never put it together.

The next day, it was working again. Yesterday, it stopped working again, but this time I saw one of them fleeing the scene.

I looked and I found this:

Basically, one of them should have fried when they blew the circuit...but instead they survived to terrorize me another day.

You would think anything this cute couldn't be  *that* evil

but I assure you they are little feather bags of evil

You don't want to know what they did to my mom's french villagers. I really do think they watch horror movies while I am at work.


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