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This week's prompts:

Writing Prompts:

1.) A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.
2.) A post your mom would write if your mom wrote posts.
3.) Do you love it or hate it? An open letter to your child’s latest obsession.
4.) We just celebrated America’s Independence! Write a poem about what freedom means to you.
5.) It’s hot, the kids are home and crazy, our pets are panting, the days are long…share your number one Summer Survival Tip.
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I must have horrible tastes in television shows, because most of the shows I love, end up cancelled. Seriously, if I get  whole season, I am a happy camper. Of course there are some obvious ones like Firefly and Arrested Development that immediately come to mind, but I have some other ones too that are worth mentioning.

  I'm not sure some of these count as "old" but lets run with this and see what we find.
  1. Veronica Mars: I really did like this show. I think it was well written enough to get more air time, but the execs disagreed.
  2. Masters of Horror: so messed up...but so fun to watch
  3. Friday the 13 the series: cheesy yes, does Warehouse 13 sort of already cover this, yeah. Still, it was way creepier, and I miss that.
  4. X-Files: because I'm a geek...and I feel robbed by the last few seasons
  5. La Femme Nikita: I can't believe I almost forgot about this!!! It was on the USA network, and it had great ratings for 2 seasons, Then things sort of fell apart. I loved the writing, but once they started requiring them to cast wrestlers as the villains (cross promotion for the network and the WWE) it lost some of its luster. I say bring back the feel from the first 2 seasons...and yeah I know about thee CW's reboot. I am just not interested. In other news, why did my parents let me watch this?
  6. American Gothic: I just really want to know how things worked out. Yes I like creepy shows.
  7. Prey: Loved this show...again I wish I knew what happened to the characters.  Less than 10 episodes just didn't work for me.
  8. Twin Peaks: it was a great show, and even with it getting really weird (and blowing the whole premise of the show by telling us who killed Laura Palmer...I still miss it)
  9. The American Embassy: I actually participated in the campaign to save this show. They did a horrible job of promoting it and kept bumping it so we never knew when it would be on.
  10. Boomtown: One season was not enough (only 2 of season 2 aired). Such a great idea (the crime and the investigation from everyone's POV...loved it.

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