30 Day Challenge Day 19: Something you miss

I'm not going to lie...this might be a mixed bag of funny and sad. It's been a long week, my weekend is slowly falling a part, and my Norm is still in the hospital...

What I miss: the little random things

  • Mom and Dad coming to Indy for my birthday: It wasn't about the gifts or lack there of, it was about them taking the time to come see me. Also: taking them to a P3 show and watching Doug squirm as he tried not to drop the f bomb in front my mom...the minister

  • Being woken up at odd hours of the night by the small town cops firing up the old school Nintendo. I was kept up many nights listening to them play Zelda or Dr.Mario and listening in on conversations my teenaged ears never should have heard...but it was way more entertaining than the silence I hear now when I can't sleep ;-)
  •  The days when I didn't have a killer knot in my left shoulder. Right about now I'd kill for a shoulder rub...or just about anything to make it stop hurting.
  • The days when I slept through the night...you know back in jr high
  • My long hair
  • Having my own washer and dryer: love clean laundry...hate the laundromat  although the people there do give me writing ideas
  • Not feeling numb most of the time
  • Not being afraid to ask for help when the last thing I want is to is be alone
  • Being able to walk home from the bar
  • Roommate trips to Windsor
  • Monthly trips to Chicago (I need my Clark and Belmont fix....soon....badly....)
  • The days when my skin wasn't freaking out all the time
  • Annual big vacations...even if no one would come with me
  • Tripping over the damn dog while trying to get from the back door to my room at odd hours of the night....while trying to not wake anyone up.
  • Those damn shutters in the furnace room. In the house I grew up in, they decided to connect the main house and the smokehouse...but instead of doing it the non-jenky way, they just left the far right corner of the house as it was from the out side....green shutters and all.
  • The half yellow/half white shingled house: because mom was just spiteful.
  • Intentionally parking "the wrong way" at the house just to piss a certain person off. (because I was a spiteful teenager)
  • Random trips to Ann Arbor...just because I could
I think that is a good list of what I am missing *right now.*


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