30 Day Challenge: Day 11: Favorite tv shows

heh...I probably should have checked the list before picking my writing workshop prompt....oh well this will sort of be a repeat.

In no particular order, here are my favorite TV shows:

  1. Chuck (seriously, how can you *not* love Chuck??)
  2. The X-files (pre them messing with the final few seasons)
  3. The Powers of Matthew Star (aka the reason I had a late bed time once a week...and I had  my mother write a letter to the network when it was cancelled) I really don't remember it, but it must have been good if I was that attached to it.
  4. Scrubs (original cast only...not that last season)
  5. Burn Notice (aka the show I know I should hate...but I love it so)
  6. NCIS (because Abby is my hero)
  7. Daria (do I really need to explain this one to you?

                         8. Dexter (who doesn't love a serial killer who kills criminals...although I am super glad Julia Stiles was just a one season cast member)
                         9. Six Feet Under (so dysfunctional and yet so entertaining)
                        10) La Femme Nikita (again I can't believe I almost forgot about this show. It really was well written and it had an amazing soundtrack. It had a tiny budget, so it heavily relied on the dialogue to keep things going...and they did an amazing job.)


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