30 Day Challenge Day 10: What are you afraid of

ha..this will be easy. I will try not  to make it too depressing.We have already had our depressing post of the week:

  1. the sound of fireworks (sounds like debris hitting the car)
  2. being alone (a friend of mine's daughter made me feel uber craptastic about this one Monday)
  3. Justin Beiber (sorry P3 guys...who probably will never read this)
  4. severe thunderstorms...driving in them is even worse
  5. writer's block: soooo annoying. I lose so much time with this.
  6. bad hair days
  7. my friends getting hurt...I don't have kids so these guys are like my kids. I hate for anything to happen to them and I would do anything to take their pain away
  8. something happening to my dad
  9. heights do not bother me as much as the threat of the free fall
  10. needles


K said…
Justin Beiber, I honestly have don't get the commotion over him, but what scares me even more is how each generation of children gets sucked into a singer (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber). I guess it shows my age that I don't care for their music nor see the attraction. I remember even 4 year olds singing and dancing like Spears when I worked in a day care. It scared the heck out of me. Still does :)

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