30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17: Something you're looking forward to

Stupid blog challenge...I can never just pick one thing. :-(

Okay here we go:

I'm looking forward to this weekend (which officially starts tonight despite my having to work tomorrow...but then it is 3 days off :-) Although I am debating going out tonight as  I am exhausted. I sleep even worse than usual when dad is in the hospital.We will have to see how I feel after work. )

I might be getting older...but I am going to make this year's birthday as fun as I can

I'm looking forward to next weekend because I get to see Norm:

If all goes to plan, Amy, Kelsey and I will be getting our tattoos. Mine will probably be similar to this.

For some reason, I'm also craving Frickers:

I'm not sure why I am craving a Frickin' Chicken® Quesadilla but I am.        


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