Wow...this really might be a sign

This Week's Prompts

1.) Girls Night Out! Describe the last time you got to hang out with your friends? What stops you from doing this more often?
2.) If Social Media died tomorrow, describe another hobby you might get into.
3.) Share a Summer Camp memory.
4.) We're too old to be getting in trouble...aren't we? Write about a time you were an adult.
5.) Barefoot and hormonal...describe an incident that upset you when you were pregnant, but now looking back makes you laugh.

While this may be cheating...since I did a similar post recently, I think my best bet is to run with Prompt 2 (mainly because I'm not quite ready to share my summer camp stories...yet)

There is one hobby that I have always been in to, but I have not taken the time to really develop it. Other shiny things keep distracting me from digging in and becoming excellent at it.

That is photography. I love taking and editing pictures. It is something I really enjoy doing. 

As a kid I always had my toy camera:
yep the Fisher Price camera
I wonder if it is still in our basement?

Then I got a real camera, and it became a mainstay:
rockin the pink 110...oh yeah

I take random pictures everywhere...typically on my phone:

tree at work

Weddnesday who doesn't like her picture taken

karaoke at Mo's...back in the day

love these shoes

And I'm not half bad at taking them:

not bad...

gotta love black and white

And I'm not too bad at editing them:

because I had time to kill on my lunch break

because I was bored...Batty in blue

just for fun

However, I usually hide when pictures are being taken (not by me). If I am caught, I usually still try to hide:
yes I am trying to hide behind the banister...yes I realize that was a bad idea

On a rare occasion, a picture of me will not be totally unfortunate:
taken with an Iphone and at close range...and it is decent This never happens!

I would be interesting to see where this would go if I put more time into this.


Lex the mom said…
The age of the digital camera - it makes picture taking much more beautiful for so many more people. I love taking pics, but I think I like the editing a bit more. We kinda think alike with the loss of social media. I know I'd be taking so many more pictures.
Gabrielle said…
I've actually been delving more into photography now that I have a little baby. After being asked 100x over when I would get professionally done pictures of her, I decided to just do them myself and most of my friends and family thought I had gotten them done by a pro. Good luck with making more of your hobby!! :D

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