Summer To Do List

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Writing Prompts:

1.) List 10 things you wish you could say to strangers who share unsolicited advice about your parenting skills.
2.) Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week. Share both!
3.) Create a bucket list of 50 things you want to do this summer (with or without the kids!)
4.) A country you would like to visit.
5.) What is something you could stand to learn from your significant other?
After much deliberation, we are going with prompt 3
Let's see how this goes

  1. I will get a will take all summer,  but I can do it
  2. I will spend more time with my friends
  3. I will go to Cedar Point
  4. I will have a non-craptastic birthday
  5. I will grow out my hair no matter how hot and miserable I get
  6. I will go to Chicago just to shop up at Clark and Belmont
  7. I will run every day that I can...even when it is balls hot 
  8. I will take at least one friend home with me to meet my dad 
  9. I will plan a vacation that is about me getting away...not going to Ohio
  10. I will get a pedicure every 4 is just good form
  11. I will take more pictures
  12. I will finish my photo portfolio
  13. I will monetize Taking Care of Norm and get guest bloggers
  14. I will finish reorganizing my apartment (anyone want to help me put a love seat in a dumpster?)
  15. I will get the rest of my stuff from Ohio
  16. I will get the Woodville house ready to be put on the market
  17. I will go to at least one concert
  18. I will get another cartilage piercing 
  19. I will buy clothes that fit me
  20. I will do a better job of taking care of me
  21. I will go to a beach...even if it is just a Lake Erie beach (btw: in which case I *will not* go in that water)
  22. I will buy at least 1 plant for my patio
  23. I will kill the plant on my patio...despite my attempts to care for it
  24. I will go to the cemetery and see Mom's gravestone
  25. I will get blocks for her bench at the cemetery
  26. I will make more of her recipes (and hopefully not mess them up)
  27. I will find 3 new books to read
  28. I will finish writing the book I keep putting on the back burner
  29. I will stop running from the things that scare me: even if that leaves me without a safety net...and possibly holding an anvil 
  30. I will learn all the songs that Garbage has available for karaoke...just because I can
  31. I'll sing on stage...once...and it might be when I am drunk
  32. I will get at least one night where I don't have to be a grown up (a DD will be needed)
  33. I will get my first tattoo
  34. I will move my blog to word press
  35. I will network more with other bloggers
  36. I will comment more on other blogs, and expect nothing in return
  37. I will scan more of our old photos.
  38. I will work on narrowing down my blogging style and make my posts more consistent
  39. I will consistently post new blogs 
  40. I will downsize my closet
  41. I will have at least 1 scary movie marathon
  42. For every negative rant post I will write at least 1 positive
  43. I will get the knots massaged out of my back and shoulder so I  can sleep again
  44. I will share my love of Guster...whether people like it or not
  45. I will on occasion dance
  46. I will sleep in on Sundays
  47. I will not let my hair get pony tail "bumps" I have pretty hair and I should take good care of it
  48. I will always carry my camera
  49. I will blog and post more from my phone...I'm random and on the go why  not show it
  50. I will watch the sunrise at least once

Now stay tuned to see which ones actually get done (with pictures if I can arrange it).


RedWriter said…
Love the list. I wonder if Mama Kat will let us spread our lists over two summers ha ha. :) x
Jade said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stasha said…
You always choose the hardest prompt. I love that about you, challenging yourself. And I like the new backdrop.
Great list. Enjoy the sunrise.
Ashley said…
love the summer list!!! so many fun things
Great list! It's quite ambitious, but I love how some of the things are fun and others are more serious. I hope you accomplish what you've planned.

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