Meet Our Friend Lester

Meet Lester

In the days immediately following the tornado, the director of the ICU and the Director of Patient Care at Bay     
Park Community Hospital allowed Amy and I to stay on site. They had a maternity ward they were not using, and they gave us one of those rooms. They said it was to keep us closer to Dad, but I think some of it was so that they could keep an eye on us. While we were there, were became friends with several of the staff.  

On afternoon we returned and found several things that had been left for us. One of these things was a stuffed bear, with a card from one of the employees. It was a very sweet gesture and we are very grateful for the gift. 

However, I am not sure the employee actually listened to what the bear said. 

Yes it is one of those talking bears. 

First, what is quite possibly the most depressing music ever played comes on. Then out comes this voice of a creepy, haggard, (possibly drunk) three pack a day smoker with this monologue about prayer.  Initially, Amy and I just stood there in horror, but quickly our horror turned to laughter. Of  course, we now had to show the bear to every one. He was given a suitable (aka creepy) name, and he became our source of comic relief over the next few days.

He was posed for the picture above by Adam and Kelsey with items from Amy's suitcase and random things from around the room. For the record, the bra pictured is not mine.

Lester will always have a special place in our hearts.


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