Is Hope Always Worth It

I'm a little leery of hoping for things. 99% of the time it just leads to me getting disappointed and my heart getting kicked to the curb once again. Whether it be a relationship, a friendship, a job or any other opportunity, it still sucks when what you hoped for falls through.

It is one thing to just have feelings about something. Feelings can be hurt, but your heart can't truly be hurt unless you have put hope in those feelings. Hope is what makes it real.

A little over a year ago, all my hopes were pulled out from underneath me. I became dependent on my "gut" to lead the way and keep me safe. Every time I have not listened to my "gut" I have met disappointments, or been left with another mess to clean up. Most days, I just chose to play it safe. My heart just seems to want to keep getting stepped on, and I can't stand how that feels.

Now I am faced with a situation where I promised myself I wouldn't hope, but I did...and now I don't know what to. My gut is telling me to cut my losses and run. My heart is  telling me to just wait it out. My head just wants to come out and ask for clarification, but I am afraid I won't like the answer.

Who do I listen to?


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