Getting Inked

Okay folks, despite my fear of needles, I'm finally buckling down and getting a tattoo. I'm shooting for my birthday, but it may have to wait until later.

It will be going on my back...either at the top and in the center or n the back of my right shoulder. Oh and it is going to be small.

That is about as far as I made it in my decision process.

At first I wanted an angel, but then I thought just the wings, halo, and the date of our accident would be better. I haven't really found anything I really want yet though. I know I will probably just go with a design the shop already has in their books, but I want to have an idea of what I want before I go in there.

I sort of like these

But I'm not sold on anything quite yet.


Too many titles said…
I like all of them, but my fav is the 2nd coming home this weekend? We're having a bash on Sat. if you want to come to our bt instead of the real one...let me know!

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