Gearing Up For Father's Day

The summer I graduated from college, my mom's dad passed away. From then on, we just pretended Father's Day didn't exist. Last year was the first time we had celebrated the day since 2000. Dad was still in UTMC for therapy. I was gearing up to head back to Indy for the first time since our accident.

Dad was surprised, but it seemed to lift his spirits.

This year it is easy to feel sorry for myself and dwell on everything I've lost with my father. I joke and say he's  my 62 year old child...and maybe there is more truth to that than I would like to admit.

Instead of dwelling, maybe I should just be grateful for the good memories I have:

Christmas on duty

at Bucky's the week before my 30th birthday
our cruise
even towel animals judged him
super sunburned
Charlie loves Dad

High School Graduation Party

normal Christmas

Senior night

the original rubber duckies


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