30 Day Blog Challenge--Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name

This is actually the second name of my blog.

It used to be  A Little Bit Of Everything...and I hated it. The catch was, I couldn't come up with anything better, so the title stuck. About nine-ish months ago, I changed it to something a little more fitting: Of Course I Hear Voices, I Own Parrots.

  1. I'm always running and doing something these days, and I'm sure I appear crazy.
  2. I have been known to talk to myself.
  3. The good news is the only voices I hear come from my pets: my parrots

They talk. They even talk back. My flock is a shy bunch, and they typically do not talk in front of strangers, but occasionally Popcorn and Batty  will oblige. I had one cockatiel that said "hello" every time I opened my old flip phone. Actually, he would get agitated when I would get a text and not say hello. I think it is fitting.


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